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Will CBD or CBG Make Me Feel High?

It’s a common topic for anyone curious about cannabis products and whether they will cause a psychoactive effect or not. At AddCBD we’re all about ‘high fives’, not THC highs! 

When browsing for CBD products, there are plenty to choose from. Some are listed as full-spectrum, and some broad spectrum. Others might show distillate or isolate on the label. For a newcomer, it can cause some confusion!

The idiosyncratic leaf on these products may also raise an eyebrow to some – which is why it’s essential to be aware of the fundamentals.

THC vs CBD – Hemp or Marijuana?

Hemp and Marijuana are both cannabis plants. The psychoactive effect comes from the concentration (%) of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in the plant. That’s the part of the plant responsible for the ‘high’ associated with the green leaf. Marijuana is packed with THC with a much lower volume of CBD. Hemp, however, is the opposite and is packed with CBD and almost untraceable levels of THC. 

All of our products contain either CBD or CBG, extracted directly from the hemp plant. So, the short answer to the “will it get me high?” is a resounding NO! Transparency is key here, and the amount of THC our products contain, can be found in the lab reports we supply to all consumers. Tests provide peace of mind while confirming the amount of THC in our products, which is below 0.2% across the board.

CBD and CBG are classified as non-psychoactive and excluded from the 2016 Psychoactive Substances Act here in the UK. This means they are 100% legal, so you can be confident that our products will not affect your mental or cognitive function, which is how psychoactive substances are defined.

How will it make me feel then?

 That’s a great question. Although this differs depending on dosage, individual and general physiological attributes; the take-home message is that your experience will be one of relaxation and calm. Your ECS (endocannabinoid system) will interact with the supplemented cannabinoids of your choice, to help your body to reach the equilibrium it needs.

With AddCBD, you are in control. If you’re looking for the perfect night-time routine to help with sleep… Why not try CBD and CBG together? I enjoy a night-time facemask with CBG cosmetic enhancer and a few drops of CBD in my drink before heading off to bed.

Whatever your reasons for looking into the use of CBD/CBG, we’d love to hear about your experiences. Follow our socials, if you’d like to see more engaging conversations with our budding CBD and CBG enthusiasts!