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Combine the avocado, coriander, chilli, if using, and 1 1/2 tablespoons of the lime juice in a bowl. Season. Set aside for 10 mins to develop the flavours.


Combine the prawns, oil and Mexican seasoning in a medium bowl. Heat a large frying pan over high heat. Cook the prawns, turning, for 5 mins or until prawns change colour and curl.


Meanwhile, heat the tortillas following packet directions.


Combine mayonnaise, paprika, lime juice and your desired amount of AddCBD to a bowl. Season and combine.


Divide tortillas among serving plates. Divide cabbage, carrot, radish and lime-avocado salsa among the tortillas. Top with the prawns. Drizzle with the mayonnaise mixture. Fold to enclose the filling. Serve immediately.