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Our Story - AddCBD

Our story is one of humble beginnings… One defined by necessity, innovation and family.

Three years ago, we found ourselves in conversation with a close family member – discussing the benefits of a CBD lifestyle. Incorporating this amazing, natural substance into a steady routine required the purchase of off-the-shelf, white-label foods or cosmetics. And for someone who has been used to the same ‘day cream moisturiser for the past ten years, the prospect was far too daunting to entertain.

With some additional research, the idea for an all-around additive sprung to life. And suddenly, the ability to add CBD into just about everything became a reality. We waved goodbye to risk, uncertainty and white label CBD containing products in favour of an easy to manage CBD solution that allowed us to continue using the products and foods we already know and love.

Both food and cosmetic enhancers have been created using the highest quality CBD at the lowest prices and are designed for daily use. They’re manufactured right here on home soil, in the UK – ensuring they remain both affordable and accessible.

Welcome to AddCBD – the new way to “AddCBD” to your food and cosmetics!


Our Promise - AddCBD

We believe in helping others—the right to seek and create balance. We have faith in people and the good we can do. We’ll never stop moving forward.

We believe in sustainability. We only create CBD that naturally elevates wellbeing whilst also being kind to the environment.

We believe in UK made high-quality products at affordable prices. And that’s our promise to you.

Our Values - AddCBD